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Google Business Profile

Today’s consumers are different.  They are educated, selective and demanding. Today’s consumers are extremely busy and want to quickly and easily

  • Compare ratings
  • Read reviews
  • Learn about services
  • Browse products
  • View menus
  • Check store hours
  • Request a quote
  • Get directions
  • Determine if a company is responsive
  • Have their questions answered, and
  • Reach out (the way they want to reach out )

They want all of that… with little to no effort on their part!

Google saw this demand and forever transformed how we search – by offering companies their own Google Business Profiles. 

Think of a Google Business Profile as Your Own Mini-Website On Google

This mini-website gives consumers everything they need to make their decision in seconds!  Not only can customers easily see your phone number and address, they can simply press a button to call you, or press another to get directions right to you.

To remain competitive, your Google Business Profile must be fully optimized & regularly nurtured.

CareMarketer® will fully optimize your Google Business Profile in order to:

  • Showcase your business, products and/or services
  • Tout the awards and recognitions you’ve received
  • Fully demonstrate your expertise by building out informative content
  • Create a place for you to answer common questions alleviating known barriers that prevent customers from reaching out

We increase your visibility in local searches by:

  • Maintaining the listing on a regular basis in order to maximize exposure
  • Supporting your team with the tools, messaging and strategies to consistently build Google Reviews that are positive and current
  • Collaborating with you to capitalize on new content ideas that will garner more attention and expand your listing’s reach