Be Found. Be Trusted. Be Chosen.

What to Expect…

I can assure you this won’t be a sales call – No demo. No case studies. No pressure – Just you and me chatting informally about your business.

I’ll set aside 30 minutes.

Can’t Lose Guarantee…

Worst case scenario? You spend 30 minutes chatting with a Google Ads nerd who’s way too excited about click-through rates. Best case? You discover the secret sauce to skyrocket your online presence and your ROI.

Either way, what have you got to lose? (Except maybe the urge to bang your head against the wall every time you look at your Google Ads account.)

Note from Kristie…

When I published “Google AdWords For Dummies,” it caught on like wildfire. But here’s the plot twist: instead of just using the book as a DIY guide, readers started reaching out to hire me. They’d flip through the pages, grasp the concepts, and then hit a realization – mastering Google Ads takes serious time and effort.

It was like handing someone a comprehensive guide to building a house. Sure, they now understood the process, but did they really want to spend their weekends mixing concrete and framing walls? Most didn’t. They appreciated the knowledge but preferred to have an expert handle the nitty-gritty.

And so, CareMarketer was born. It’s my baby (don’t tell my 3 kids) – and my goal hasn’t changed in over 15 years:

To hustle hard, make an honest living, and help fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses do the same.

So, What Are You Waiting For?