How It Works

Web Property Setup

First, we get all of your web properties, social accounts and online business listings up to date. There is nothing less credible than an outdated or non-existent profile of your business. We make sure that you have a profile on all the most important channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google), and they are up to date with working links and pertinent information. We clean up your business listings in Google and other online locations to make sure they are not only accurate but also optimized to show up when people are searching.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize your website so that you show up in Google and other search engines for the most important searches in your industry. These are the searches that we know from experience your prospects are using to find you when they need you the most.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Email Marketing (EMM) 

We make sure you are seen as an industry expert and help you to build and nurture relationships in social media and with email.  Relationship building and nurturing builds awareness so you are top of mind when your prospects are ready to reach out for help.
By strategically posting valuable content on a consistent, daily basis, shows your customers that you are an expert resource in your industry, making them more likely to contact you before your competitors.

Paid Advertising (PPC) 

Nothing brings more immediate leads from your highly targeted prospects than paid advertising.  Google, Bing and Facebook – among others – all place their paid ads in the most prominent positions. Combine that with our ability to target very specific characteristics or behaviors of your prospects, we can place you in front of your perfect client exactly in the moments when they need your help the most.

With the increases in demand for quality care, it is imperative that you have a consistent and dominant web presence. Your prospects depend on the information they find online to make informed decisions. This means they are looking at reviews, comparing prices and searching for information throughout the web.

At CareMarketer™, we ensure that you are found everywhere in the digital world whether it is on social media, search engines or in their email inbox.

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